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Palm Valley Lutheran Church Cemetery


History Of Palm Valley Cemetery 

Map to our Cemetery

All of Anna Palm's sons were sent to join the Confederate Army except the youngest, Henning, who died in 1863. When asked where her son should be buried, Anna responded, "Under the tallest oak tree there." Thus began the Palm Valley Lutheran Cemetery. After the war, Anna Palm wrote S. M. Swenson and requested that the land where Henning was buried be designated as a cemetery. Also, she wrote that she wished he would donate enough acreage for a church and school. In June, 1871, just over 21 acres were donated by S. M. Swenson to the Swedish Lutheran Church Association. The first trustees for the association were Arvid Nelson, Daniel Hurd, Andrew J. Palm and C. A. Engstrand.

The church cemetery was expanded in 1974 to include the  area east of the road which encircles the "Old Cemetery," and was once again enlarged in 1995.

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In 2006 the cemetery was expanded for a third time.  This expansion included another one thousand sites.   A second road was also added for access.